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Relationships Deciphered

The purpose of this blog is to bring some clarity to the enigmatic nature of relationships through the in-depth examination of common relational impasses with the goal of increasing insight into our behavior and thought processes*.

In addition, this blog will discuss relevant topics in the field of psychotherapy in an attempt to educate and reduce stigma around mental health and psychotherapy in general.

*This blog is NOT focused solely on romantic relationships.

Psychodynamic Therapy


Our childhood impacts how we function as adults. If we had a parent that was extremely critical of our behavior we grow up to be adults that have difficulty making decisions, lack self-confidence, or believe we aren't deserving of positive affirmations from others. If we grew up in a household where anger was an emotion that was exhibited regularly and compassion wasn't, we become adults that suppress our emotions, frequently use anger to communicate, or interpret anger as love.

Psychodynamic therapy helps us make the important connection between the messages we received about ourselves as a child and how we interact with the world as an adult. The awareness and insight obtained through therapy has a way of healing these "subconscious scars" to our character. This allows us to have meaningful and healthy relationships, move through the world with a strong sense of self, understand our own behavior better, and enjoy life in a more positive way.

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