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Relationships Deciphered

The purpose of this blog is to bring some clarity to the enigmatic nature of relationships through the in-depth examination of common relational impasses with the goal of increasing insight into our behavior and thought processes*.

In addition, this blog will discuss relevant topics in the field of psychotherapy in an attempt to educate and reduce stigma around mental health and psychotherapy in general.

*This blog is NOT focused solely on romantic relationships.

Faulty Thinking


Albert Ellis, the founder of Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), identified 13 irrational beliefs that individuals commonly engage in; here are the most common. These errors in thinking prevent us from living a life that is enjoyable and from having relationships with others that are healthy. The issue is that we often aren't aware of the connection between our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. For practitioners of REBT all behavior is the result of, often unconscious, irrational beliefs. The premise is that people are controlled by their thoughts. That is, the way we think about situations or, specifically, the view we take of them, will impact how we feel about the situation and ourselves, and will lead us to behave in a manner consistent with our thinking. As a result of faulty thinking we often end up feeling worthless, hopeless, anxious, guilty or depressed. 

As a therapist the goal is to assist clients with gaining insight and awareness around their thinking, therefore, giving them control over their emotions. REBT assists with becoming aware of and challenging irrational thinking. Changing irrational thinking to a version that is more rational allows us to live a life we desire. Therapy consists of finding evidence to counter our irrational thoughts and replacing them with ones that are consistent with a more rational and logical way of thinking.

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