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The purpose of this blog is to bring some clarity to the enigmatic nature of relationships through the in-depth examination of common relational impasses with the goal of increasing insight into our behavior and thought processes*.

In addition, this blog will discuss relevant topics in the field of psychotherapy in an attempt to educate and reduce stigma around mental health and psychotherapy in general.

*This blog is NOT focused solely on romantic relationships.

Stock Market Analogy

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As a therapist that uses REBT as a treatment modality, I spend a significant amount of time disputing irrational beliefs. To do this I use a variety of techniques, but most often I use analogies because I think relating complex psychological events to everyday concepts allows for faster understanding of the connection between one's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Overtime, I tend to do use certain analogies over and over again, because they continue to resonate with people and have the desired effect mentioned above.

When I am working with someone that is suffering from Impostor Phenomenon, depression, or anxiety, I want to address the core beliefs they have about themselves, the world, and the future, that are negative, irrational, and distressing. Frequently, I use the analogy of the stock market to assist clients with gaining perspective on a situation and its impact on their mood and perception of self. We all know that the stock market is volatile, and sometimes so is life. Most of us don't have the time, or fortitude, to be a day trader; the ups and downs would exhaust us to the point of not being able to be productive. We shouldn't react to the day-to-day shifts in the market and make rash decisions or allow our mood to be dictated by them. Instead we should look at the stock market, and our lives, over time and evaluate based on long-term performance.

Sure, we've had some disappointments in our lives; days, weeks, months, or years that seemed to be unrelenting. However, when we take a step back from those difficult times we will often see that our life has really continued to trend upward. That is, life has been relatively good considering the various obstacles we've had to face and overcome. This doesn't minimize the impact of the obstacles and how they can sometimes skew our view of ourselves, the world, and the future. What these obstacles aren't allowed to do is define us and our existence. Who we are and who we will become is more than the bad things that have happened to us or the times we didn't live up to our capabilities.

Using the analogy of the stock market allows individuals to relate their own experience to the performance of the stock market over time and recognize that they are good and resilient.

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