It's My Parents' Fault


On the one hand this is savage AF! On the other hand it points out the impact our earliest relationships have on our continued functioning. I work with individuals struggling with Impostor Syndrome, and a key component that I have found is a consistent theme of having a parent that was very critical; always pointing out areas of improvement, and at the same time being very restrictive with the praise they gave. In fact, praise was often only given when my clients were damn near perfect!

As adults people struggling with Impostor Syndrome live with a high level of self-doubt, low self-confidence, and fear of failure. As a result the person may hesitate to seek out opportunities for advancement, become anxious when given an award or new responsibility, and fail to connect themselves to the success they've achieved. They go through life questioning the success they’ve achieved and often feel as though they aren’t deserving of said success. Therapy focuses on the following:

  • Identifying irrational beliefs about their abilities and self-worth

  • Gaining insight and awareness into how these irrational beliefs were created

  • Teaching tools to challenge those irrational beliefs and transform them into a more rational way of evaluating oneself

If this is you or someone you know connect with me. You don't have to be fearful of being successful. 9 times out of 10, you're already killing it, you just don't believe it. To contact me or to inquire about therapy click here.